Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another day with Family

A couple weeks ago my family spent the day at my adobe. This time, I trekked up through the snake-like roads to my hometown. 

Dad picked me up at ten o'clock. We were on the road for five minutes before spontaneously stopping at Newman's Nursery. We shared our walking and talking with the sunshine and a hot drink. It was lovely.  

We met mum at my childhood home, talked some more and decided to go out for lunch. We ate at this beautiful cafe. The atmosphere, boutique gifts and home-style food gave me a dream to open up my own cafe. One can only dream. 

After a visit to the antique store up the road, we spent a relaxing afternoon at home, followed by steak and home-fried chips {dad's specialty} for dinner.

Another wonderful day with family. They mean more to me than my heat bag on a cold day. 


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