Monday, 9 December 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Farnder

I was blessed to spend this past weekend with relatives, at a location two hours away from home. I slept in a swag, laughed at fairy lights that looked like 'sunglasses', watched a massive game of family cricket, aw-ed at the cuteness of my cousins and most importantly celebrated some special birthdays. One birthday in particular was very special, my grandpa's 70th. An inspiring and amazing man I call Farnder, who I see as one of the most wise men I know.

On the Sunday, we woke in time to enjoy eggs & bacon for breakfast and be out of the caravan park by 10:30am. Four cars conveyed towards a park for family photos and present time, with the company of some CB radios for commentating and conversation. Our journey continued to the no-power Claire Main Street for ice creams and refreshments before driving to the main area Farnder grew up in. It was incredible. I learnt where Farnder's childhood homes were - His and His Grandma's. We drove past some amazing old buildings, one being Farnder's school (now a B&B) and arrived at St John's Lutheran Church and cemetery. Spending the weekend learning about the history of family was so much more than I expected. I'm still smiling from the love and enjoyment of celebrating a very special birthday. Family is everything.

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